About Us
A little History

Founded by Chino and his long time best friend, Jason (Edgar) Penagos, Stigma Ink originally began a number of years ago in Guadalajara, Mexico.

After working at a number of shops in the Orlando area, it became Chino and Edgar’s dream to create a unique and original Tattoo Parlour with a strong artistic and custom feel. Unfortunately, Edgar passed away in June 2008. Chino spent the next few years managing various shops and working as the head of sales at DPS (RockStar Ready Tattoo Supplies).

Stigma Ink is also the sister shop to Estigma Tattoos in Spain, which was founded by long time friend Pablo Ash, who also worked at the original shop in Mexico with Chino and Edgar, before relocating to Spain.

Today, with the help of Chino’s wife, Mariely, and after many years of careful preparation and planning, saving and searching, this dream Chino and his friend shared so long ago is once more realized in the heart of Tampa, Florida.